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We take pride in introducing our innovative Smart Programs designed to save you money through preventative care. Our SmartCare program goes beyond mere check-ups; it’s a strategic investment in your long-term dental health.

This program embodies our philosophy of safeguarding your dental well-being through proactive and preventative measures.

Smart Care

SmartCare will not only save you and your family money on check-ups, you will also save in the long run by avoiding the high costs of major procedures that result from poor dental health.

The program is a key part of our philosophy of ensuring your long-term dental health through preventative care.

The Benefits

With SmartCare you get a 50% discount on check-ups, fissure sealant, fluoride treatments and intra oral and panoramic X-rays. And now also Sport Mouth Guards.

We’ll also send you an email to remind you that it’s time to make an appointment for your next check-up.

Smart Clean

SmartClean gives you 50% discount on your cleaning appointments. The catch is you need to put in the work at home. If you have a low plaque index(determined by our Oral Hygienist) she will give you the option to join.

Low-Risk Status

Our Oral hygienist will determine your risk status and if you qualify for Smart Clean. You will then benefit for 50% discount on your future cleaning visits that include scaling and polishing, fluoride treatment, dental sealants and X-rays. 

Rest assured you will get al the care at half the cost for as long as you maintain your low-risk status.

Smart Maintenance

You’ll get signed up for our SmartMaintenance after faithfully sticking to your 6-monthly check-ups on the SmartCare program for 3 full years.

Your dentist will evaluate you as a low-risk patient, which means you’ve looked after your dental health and qualify for an upgrade.

Low-Risk Status

The great benefit of the SmartMaintenance program is that you only have to come for a check-up once a year and stay on your 6 monthly visits to the oral hygienist. 

That’s right, once a year will do.  And don’t worry, you’ll still get a 50% discount on the check-up, fissure sealant, fluoride treatment, X-rays and Sport Mouth Guards. Plus all the other great benefits of our Smart Programs

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