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Our Approach

Embracing a philosophy that prioritizes prevention as the foundation of your dental well-being, our practice ensures expert and quality care in even routine check-ups and oral hygiene.

Beyond that, we offer advanced reconstructive dental services, supported by the latest digital dental equipment.

Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses preventative and general dentistry, oral hygiene, emergency dentistry, dental implants, aesthetic dentistry, and teeth whitening.

Preventative & General Dentistry

We focus on preventing the problem before we have to fix it. But should anything surprise us we can definitely sort you out. Anything from check ups, fillings, root canals and tooth sensitivity treatment.

Oral Hygiene

Our qualified oral hygienist is available for professional dental cleanings. Also chat to her about whitening for a shimmering smile.

Advanced Dentistry

Advanced dentistry encompasses more comprehensive and restorative treatments, including procedures like inlays and onlays, veneers, as well as crowns and bridges.

Cerec Cadcam Tech

In our on-site computerized dentistry facility, we use the latest techniques – including Cerec CADCAM technology – to construct crowns, inlays, and onlays. And there’s no need to wait. On-site development means we can deliver on the same day.


Perhaps the most advanced of all our services. This is a reconstructive dental procedure to replace one or many lost teeth. We use the best Implants for your specific case and with careful planning we can restore almost anybody to full dental health.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Whether you opt for shiny new veneers or simply want to whiten your teeth, our love for aesthetic dentistry will help your smile reach it’s full potential.

Teeth Whitening

Put your best foot forward with our teeth whitening service. Chris Pistorius Dental Practice offers in-chair whitening (done at the practice) and at-home whitening with a do it yourself kit. Using both will give the best results and value for money. Let your smile shine!

Dental Care for everyone in the family

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